Seminar cautions against permanent settlement of WP refugees


Srinagar, Jan 19: Awami Itehad Party led by MLA Langate, Er. Rasheed, organized a seminar on Monday here to discuss the Central government’s plan of permanently settling West Pakistan refugees in J&K.
The issue was thoroughly discussed and the ways to ‘fail the dangerous anti-Kashmir conspiracies’ were thought upon. The seminar was titled “Conspiracy to change demographic and constitutional identity of Jammu and Kashmir.”
Both mainstream politicians as well as separatists participated and presented their view point. Many intellectuals, journalists, writers, professors and trade leaders were also present.
“We assure full support to Er. Rasheed in this issue,” said civil society activist Shakeel Qalandar.
AIP head Er. Rasheed said, “Testing times have come for all those who claim to be the sympathizers of Kashmiri people, it will be seen whether they contribute to the failure of anti-Kashmir designs or they prefer the so-called power.”
“It seems that efforts are really being made to change the demography of this Muslim-majority state but the Govt. of India should bear in mind that the Kashmiri people will not let it do whatever it has been planning for so long,” he said, adding that AIP has already expressed its concern about the BJP’s plans and cautioned Center about the repercussions.
He said that this is not the issue of only Muslims but of every state subject whether Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or others.
Er. Rasheed said that constitutionally BJP can’t change the status of J&K, so they want to settle 10 lakh Hindu refugees to achieve their Mission 44 plus. He added, “Stop playing with us; otherwise your hands will burn.”
Advocate G N Shaheen, Chairman, Kashmir Council said, “As per J&K Constitution, only state legislature can give state subject status and not Indian parliament. These West Pakistani refugees don’t have right to settle here; India can settle them in its own territory.” He asked Central government, “Why Bangladeshi people are not allowed to settle in Assam permanently, and you talk about giving permanent status to West Pakistan refugees.”
Maqbool Sahil, prominent Author, in his speech said, “India on all instances of history has failed to solve the issue of Kashmir and tried to muzzle the rights of Kashmiris. We as a nation have successfully resisted every onslaught on our identity and now this fresh onslaught in the form of granting citizenship rights to refugees of West Pakistan will be resisted successfully.”
Professor Hameeda Nayeem, said, “After attempts to erode Article 370 and 305 (A),  now right wing forces are trying to grant citizenship rights to refugees. We need to remember that ethnic rights are protected by international laws too. Only the Jammu & Kashmir Assembly has power and right to grant citizenship rights to refugees.”


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