Trade union activists congratulate PDP President

Irfan Rashid

Srinagar, Jan 27: In a get together of trade union activists, held at Srinagar in a local Hotel, congratulations were sent to all members of the Electoral College who once again re-elect Mrs Mehbooba as party president for next three years.

The meeting was under the chairmanship of Mr Muhammad Amin Khan, a prominent trade union leader.

“It has been during the stewardship of Mrs Mehbooba that party reached the heights within a short span of time in the state of J&K and with its people centric programs, continues to attract hundred of youth from various nook and corner of the state,” said Muhammad Amin Khan.

While expressing their unflinching faith in the party leadership, the trade union activists also highlighted the statesmanship of sarpasrasti-i-aala, Jenab Mufti sahib ‘which was all along displayed by him during the processes that followed the successful conduct of Legislative assembly elections and to which people of the state shall remain indebted to him’.

The trade union activists also appreciated that post election efforts and farsightness of mufti sahib asserted that will definitely lead towards formation of strong and stable government in the state and will provide people with good governance based on the agenda of prosperity, happiness and development.


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