Officials visit limestone quarries in Khrew

Ascertain threats to environment


Srinagar, Feb 3: Authorities on Tuesday conducted spot assessment of threats to fragile environs of Khrew due to operation of limestone quarries in the area.
A team of the Geology and Mining department Kashmir examined the environmental situation of the area. The visit was made on the invitation of Civil Society Khrew.
“The team thoroughly observed the entire mountainous range of 15-20 Kms belonging to Wildlife and Forest Geology Mining and Revenue Department. They also identified all the quarries operating in their jurisdiction and assured the locals of immediate action if case these are found to be violating any norms,” officials said.
“We are thoroughly looking into the matter,” said an official of the team. Earlier, Aadil Bhat, Chairman Civil Society Khrew sought demarcations and NOCs issued to limestone quarries belonging to cement factories. The team assured to provide all the details to them. The locals alleged that the presence of these quarries and cement factories has adversely environment and saffron fields in the area.


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