CUK VC returns after meeting Prez

‘Teacher can be invited to president’s house where he shall stay for one week’

Irfan Rashid

Srinagar, Feb 7: One day after President, Pranab Mukherjee, stressed on consolidated efforts for setting up own campus of Central University of Kashmir (CUK) at Ganderbal, the Officiating Vice chancellor , Prof Mehraj Din after returning from two day workshop said that he is soon going to take a step further in this regard.

Prof Mehraj Din talked to Greater Kashmir and said: “The main concern of the president was Quality teaching and Quality research. And in this regard we have taken a step forward by enhancing the option of research from two departments in 2013 to five departments from this year.”

The VC added that the most important thing the president of India said that we must be in a position to identify inspiring teachers who can motivate the students, for this he made open offer that the identified teacher can be invited to presidents house where he shall stay for one week and president will ensure that teacher will interact with top academicians of India in that week.

The President of India is also the Visitor to Central Universality of Kashmir.
The President had emphasized on setting up campus with multidimensional facilities to boost academic culture and promote linkage with the community and society.

The CUK officiating Vice-Chancellor, Prof Mehrajudin Mir represented the varsity in the conference and put forth the achievements and impediments faced by CUK during last one year.

Soon the university will make stronger the relations with industries and will sign many MoUs as has been emphasized by the president about creating ‘Cell university-Industry interface committee’.

The president also emphasized for mobility of students and for this purpose choice based credit system (CBCS) will be made stronger so that students can have freedom to choose subjects of their choice. “If a student goes to one university or one department and there pursues course of his choice, then comes to the parent department, there must be such understanding between the two institutions that what you have learned should be taken into consideration for awarding certificates there,” quoted Prof Mehraj Din.

Prof Mehraj added: “The president impressed that there must be online courses and elective subjects, in addition to foundation course and core courses. These electives will be made available online soon in CUK.”

The president also impressed upon innovation, for which the president created three awards which will be given annually that includes; Best University, Best innovators, and Best research. This year these three awards were given to university of Hyderabad, Jamia Milia Islamia University and Delhi University respectively.

Besides all these, the President added that every possible facility should be made available to students including best university structure, free wifi and IT Park.


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