Flood hit Jawahar Nagar cries discrimination in relief distribution

‘Building permissions delayed’


Srinagar, Feb 6: The residents of flood-hit Jawahar Nagar on Friday accused the government of discrimination in relief distribution adding that the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) was delaying grant of building permission for repairs or reconstruction of the damaged houses.
Talking to reporters, Mehraj din Wani, a representative of the locality expressed his anguish over the “sad state of affairs.”
“State government had promised on-the-spot-building permissions but the SMC  is delaying even the issuance of building permissions.”
He said fearing that the new constructions would be converted into commercial establishments, the SMC was denying them to go for multistoried structures. “How can a  house in 10 Marlas turn into commercial?” he asked.
Dr Ghulam Muhammad Wani, President Abu Bakr Masjid said: “Five months on we are living in rented accommodation and government is yet to compensate our losses.”
“When engineers surveyed our houses they declared majority of them ‘Unsafe’ but when it comes to compensation they provide us meager Rs 38,00 or Rs 12,500. This is nothing but cruel joke,” he said.
When contacted the SMC Commissioner, Dr G N Qasba denied any delay in issuance of building permissions. “We have already passed 69% permissions and we are on the job, but we won’t allow any commercial constructions,” he said.



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