Shahrukh Khan to debut in ‘Chinar Daastan Ishq’

Irfan Rashid

Srinagar, Feb 9: Signaling a comeback of tourism bloom to this flood-ravaged City, Bollywood is ready with one more Film completely based in Kashmir with pre-1990s romantic scripts.

“Chinar Dastaan Ishq” a film based on a novel ‘Jeel Jalti’ written by a Kashmiri Ex-Bureaucrat Farooq Ahmad Renzu whose shooting was started here on 26th January and will continue here upto ending February.

This film is being shot at several places across Kashmir. “This is being Shot at hard core locations in Srinagar, many villages in rural area including Ganderbal and Manasbal,” says Farooq Renzu.

Renzu’s novel has even been translated into Pahadi and Gojri languages. Even three students got M.phil for working on that novel.

“This is the first film after flood that is completely based in kashmir and not Fitoor that was only having few shots,” said Farooq renzu.

The Director of the Film, Shariq Minhaj said: “Before 1990s film making in Kashmir were revolved around romance like ‘Kashmir ki kali but then militancy concepts were there which could produce no block buster but now we hope to produce block buster with this film.”

Faisal Khan, brother of Bollywood superstar Aamir khan is playing main protagonist in this film in the character of ‘Jamaal’.

Faisal added: Jamaal is the character of an ordinarily poor Kashmiri man who turns very rich like ‘Mumbai ka Haji Mastaan’ who personifies revolution of Kashmir and continues to be hero for Kashmiris.

Faisal also selects script for his brother Aamir. “Since years there was no script fitting my role but I was moved by this character.”

The Producer of the film Rajeesh Jain said: “people outside Kashmir have only one image about here and that is ‘Heaven’, so let’s show this Heaven in this romantic film.” Rajesh expects it to be block buster

This is also the debut Bollywood film for Actress Inayat Sharma who plays role as ‘Suraiya’. “This is a character like Mehar tarar” said the producer.

This film Will be released on May 1st.

This film also debuts one more actor “Shahrukh khan” who is playing character of “Riyan khan” son of Jamaal. 22 year old Shahrukh is from Delhi and completed degree in journalism who will take his dad’s revenge after moving from kargil to Srinagar.


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