Commuters seek repairing of Chadoora bridge


Srinagar, Feb 10: The administration is yet to take up repairing work of the bridge connecting Srinagar with Chrar-e-Sharief at Chadoora that was damaged by the floods last year in September, leaving commuters suffering.

The bridge was inaugurated just one year ago and locals allege usage of sub-standard material in the construction work, leading to its collapse in the deluge.
“We were waiting for years for its completion to bypass several kilometres via many villages to reach Srinagar, but its commission did not last long as it smashed in the floods,” said a shopkeeper at Chadoora.
This is the only bridge connecting Srinagar city with Chadoora, Nagam, Pakherpora, Yusmarg and Chrar-e-Sharief.
A diversion across the stream is used by vehicles but during rains, the drivers have to go for the same old detouring option.
“After crossing the diversion, vehicles have to pass through a narrow lane hardly fit to accommodate one vehicle at a time, making commuters to wait for their turn to cross it. We have to wait to get our turn to cross the lane,” said Bashir Ahmad, a mini-bus driver.
The ambulances from Chadoora, Nagam and Chrar-e-Sharief hospitals have to go through this route only to reach Srinagar hospitals in emergencies.
The main bridge is presently occupied by vendors, leaving pedestrians with a small gap to jostle through.
After the bridge was declared unsafe for vehicles by the Roads and Buildings department, the local vendors began carrying their carts on to the bridge by cutting an iron rail. The new Chadoorabridge is now locally called “Kadal Bazaar.”
“The concerned authorities are yet to repair the bridge. How long shall we have to suffer this way,” asked Mudasir Ahmad, a University student from Chrar-e-Sharief.
People have appealed to Governor N N Vohra to intervene in the matter and direct concerned authorities to take up the repairing work of the Chadoorabridge on priority to alleviate peoples’ grievance.


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