Bollywood film director interacts with CUK media students

‘Will cast local talent in upcoming ventures’

Irfan Rashid
Srinagar, Feb 17: Amit Sharma, Director of Bollywood film Tevar starring Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha interacted with media students of Central University of Kashmir (CUK), today, at CUK campus.
Sharma while interacting with students sought their opinions and thoughts about the current trends in film industry.
Amit Sharma is presently shooting for an advertisement in Kashmir.
After Abhisek Kapoor’s Fitoor and Shariq Minhaj’s Chinar Dastan Ishq, Amit Sharma will be the third Bollywood director to visit the valley after flood.
After last year’s devastating flood, Bollywood is fast rediscovering Kashmir as its favorite destination to shoot films.
Interacting with the media students here in Srinagar, Sharma said, “There needs to be a change in thought process regarding social acceptability of films here in Kashmir now. People would return home even after the midnight here in Kashmir before 1990s.”
He was accompanied by Shantanu Srivastava, Tever’s  screenplay and dialogue writer that was his debut film and was released this year in early January.
The interaction lasted nearly 4 hours.
“I strongly believe that the cinema should be opened in Kashmir, if we can watch movies in homes then why not on screens,” said a girl student.
During interaction, few of the students raised questions about the role of filmmakers in Kashmir-centric movies where the actor and actress are taken from outside, who are not educated about the Kashmir culture and asked Amit to play his role as a filmmaker to give chance to local boys and girls in the movies to be shoot in the valley.
“I assure you people here that I will definitely take few local amongst you in my upcoming shoot whether for Ad Company or film,” he replied.
When asked about the day to begin the shooting for his next movie here in valley, he replied: “Presently I and Shantanu are working on script which will be completed soon, and then we will return for shoot it here.”


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