Eidgah’s Firdous Colony reels in darkness

People use more power than written agreements: Chief Engineer

Irfan Rashid
Srinagar, Feb 17: Residents of Firdous Colony in Eidgah have accused Power Development Department (PDD) of failing to permanently repair the transformer of the locality ‘which was repeatedly developing technical snags from last four months’.
The locals said that power supply in the area continues to be pesky due to frequent snag that develop in the transformer of the locality.
They alleged that the transformer was not being permanently repaired by the concerned authorities.
“The transformer in the locality is developing faults again and again which is making us suffer in the winters. The problem is persisting from last four months,” said Bashir Ahmad, a resident of the locality.
Since the examination of the students is going to take place in March and the non-availability of the electricity was making it very difficult for them to prepare for exams, the residents said.
Another resident said that despite bringing the problem into notice of concerned PDD officials there is no improvement in the situation.
“The PDD officials took the transformer for repair many times in the last four months but once they bring it here, it again develops technical issues. They should either replace the transformer or install another one here, they are not taking the problem seriously,” residents said.
The Chief Engineer PDD, however said, he will look into the issue.
“It is due to overload that transformer develops faults. We are providing more kilowatts than written on their agreements but still people are misusing it. I will still look into matter and we are also installing meters in these non-metered areas to solve the problem of overloading which will also save the transformers,” he said.



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