Indra Nagar residents complain of water logging

Irfan Rashid
Srinagar, Feb 18: The residents of Indra Nagar Sonwar today said that they continue to suffer as the colony gets inundated with even slight rainfall.
They said the water level in drains rises and enters the houses.
The residents added despite the cantonment authorities knowing the sufferings of locals they are not taking any steps to improve the drainage system.
Major parts of the Indra Nagar locality are still inundated after more than three days since the rains lashed Valley.
“The local authority – Badami Bagh Cantonment is still in slumber and unmoved by the sufferings of the local population. Time and again water from drains enters our houses and nothing is being done,  our kids are not able to go for tuition or step out of homes due to water all around,” said Amina Akhtar, a local resident of the colony.
“One day we come and clean our lawns and foot paths, another morning there is again drain water gathered in the lawns. It has turned into a nightmare for us, we are not able to live here comfortably” said one of the residents, Sahil Ahmad.
The locals said the drainage over-flow has become norm in the area as it is not being repaired or improved from last several years, creating inconvenience to more than 100 households.
“The problem is not only today, we face it whole year, the lanes are always submerged in water, and at times during normal days it enters our houses. We don’t have more energy now to clean; this drainage in the area needs immediate repair to save people from further miseries,” said another resident from the locality, Hayat Ahmad.
Despite repeated efforts, the officials of Badami Bagh Cantonment were not available for comment


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