Budgam Ulema Educate about Swine Flu

Irfan Rashid

Budgam, Feb 21: During Friday sermon, the Budgam Muslim Clerics educated people about the swine flu that has already affected 84 persons here.

Reports said that the Ulema in many mosques of the district including Grand Khanqah Charari Sharief, Chadoora, Budgam, KaniPora and KralPora informed the people about the ways this deadly swine flu spreads and talked in detail about the methods of prevention.

As SKIMS has already confirmed 13 new samples that have been tested positive for H1N1 taking the number of swine flu affected cases to 84.

Movlana Ameer Din, Khateeb Khanqah Charari Sharief said: “If every Muslim clears his throat with water five times a day during ablutions, the survival of the virus gets diminished in this area.”

The clerics vowed to exercise their writ on people to spread awareness about Swine flu in Budgam district. “The best way to prevent oneself is already told by Islam and that is maintaining healthy hygiene all the time,” lectured Movlana Ikhlaq Qasim.

“Some of our elderly people don’t accept the advice from doctors wrongly stating ‘belief’ as the reason but when Ulema highlights the precautions these people most often comply,” said Suheel Khadim.

Even the doctors and civil society have appreciated such move by the Ulemas.

The movement to use clerics had worked wonders in rural areas previously also where people were ignorant even about the name of certain diseases


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