AMK reiterates classical language status to Kashmiri

Resolves to work for the restoration of mother tongue
International Mother Languages Day celebrated on 21st February by UNESCO

Irfan Rashid
SRINAGAR, FEB 22: On the eve of International Mother Language Day, Adbi Markaz Kamraz (AMK) an amalgam of various literary and cultural organizations reiterated its resolve to contribute their mite to protect promote and preserve the mother language of Kashmir and work for its promotion and preservation here in Press Enclave on Saturday.
Speaking to reporters, a noted screenplay writer and general secretary, AMK, Muhammad Amin Bhat appreciated people, especially literati of speaking in their mother tongue.
“We are really encouraged to appreciate the trend of speaking Kashmiri language that is gaining the status of fashion by literate youngsters,” he said.  “It is the befitting reply to the cold shoulder shown towards Kashmiri language by politicians and corridors of power.”
Accusing government of showing cold response towards promoting Kashmiri language, Bhat said: “There is a deliberate attempt on the part of authorities to push this historical and identity symbolic language to the oblivion.”
“Even the recommendations of the committee constituted for examining the issue of declaring Kashmiri a classical language is eating dust on the shelves of department of culture of state government.”
Scores of the students from Department of Kashmiri Language, University of Kashmir and many small kids, holding banners in their hands reading “save mother language save nation” were also present.
The state government had previously proposed to introduce Kashmiri language in 9th and 10th classes but that has also suffered due to bureaucratic red-tapism and even the formal orders are yet to be not issued.
The literary and cultural organizations working for the promotion of Kashmiri language have been deprived of the nominal financial assistance by the state cultural academy.
“February 21 is a historical day that reminds us of the struggle for the implementation of mother tongue and its importance in human life,” said Bhat. He added that every language should be respected and each person should be given freedom to learn and speak in his mother language.”
According to literati, Kashmiri language is one of the oldest and richest languages and is considered as sister language of Persian and Sanskrit. Lal Ded was first to use written word to express her thoughts through poetry and was followed by Sheikh-ul-Alam, but the Kashmiri existed much before that as a language.


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