Nowgam Colony waterlogged, locals stage protests

Irf an Rashid | Feb 23
Srinagar: The land area at Nowgam, Eidgah
colony is waterlogged since the last year
flood causing irreparable damages to the
surrounding localities forcing locals to come
on roads.
The local people Tuesday blocked the road
which caused massive traffic mess for hours
continuously. They were demanding the
proper drainage system and right now the
immediate dewatering of the local land spanning
50 kanals that have affected more than
200 houses till date.
One of the protesting woman said: “Months
has passed since flood and this water odours
so unpleasant that Breathing becomes very
difficult most often.”
This water has turned its colour to black
now, causing lots of risk to the health of the
local people. “We can’t keep our small children
inside our homes and have sent them
to their relatives in this winter vacation
but fear what will happen from March.”
This 50 Kanal plot lies on left side when
going from Srinagar to Nowgam and seems
like small lake now with a depth around
four feet, locals said.
This busy road connects Srinagar with
Pulwama via Kanipora and caused lot of
inconvenience to the trapped vehicles. The
local women had placed big stones on the
road and then staged a sit-in with men following
Earlier this area had few outlets directly
into River Jehlum but from last few years
due to ill-managed construction, all those
outlets have been taken over by buildings.
The locals have appealed to the concerned
authorities to look into the matter on high
priority before their houses get collapsed.


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