Dropout diploma holders up in arms against SSB

Irfan Rashid
SRINAGAR: The candidates who had recently applied to Junior Engineer (JE) posts are up in arms against Service selection Board (SSB) for indiscrimination against Diploma holders.
The SSB has selected only degree holders when the post is meant for Diploma holders. Allegedly only one diploma candidate has been selected in open merit against 663 posts.
SSB had advertised three notifications: 3 of 2012, 3 of 2013 and 11 of 2013 for selecting 663 candidates for JE civil vacancies. The written test for these posts was conducted on 3 August, 2014.
Candidates with three year diploma are eligible only for junior engineer posts unlike those with Degree who are eligible for all posts. Omar Shakil, a diploma holder from government polytechnic college, Gogji bagh said: “There are 24 polytechnic colleges here and even if we are not included in JE list, then for what government is wasting its money on polytechnics.”
“The selection list of Jr. Engineers civil issued by SSB had not only deprived the 3 year Diploma holders from their fundamental rights but had violated the rules,” said Zubair Bashir.
Previously selection was based on 1:3 ratio when one degree was selected against 3 diploma holders but now whole pattern has been changed to 1: 663, candidates said.
The syllabus issued by SSB for the post of JE was as per diploma standard but the question papers were printed as per Degree, they said.
The process did not stop here and further the SSB has reserved 5 points for degree holder and 7 points for M Tech. These 5 points equals 15 questions as per common entrance exam for JE. This means a diploma holder should be extra intelligent to get a seat for JE since Degree / M Tech people are already 15 steps ahead.
“This doesn’t mean “Survival of the fittest” but “Survival of the luckiest”, Government is favoring Degree and M.Tech people, I could not understand then why eligibility and syllabus has been given as Diploma.” “This is total discrimination with Diploma holders. The Government had kept open all the doors for degree holders and they can apply for A.E post directly and the only door which was open for diploma holder was also closed. “
“Recently some of the diploma holders among us had applied for the draughtsman and they were not allowed in interview citing a reason that we people got extra qualification. Only 2 years diploma holder can apply for a draughtsman and we people are having 3 years diploma, that is extra qualification,” said group of diploma holders.
Recently about 18 new polytechnics were opened by government and there are already 7 existing polytechnics in Srinagar city alone, generating nearly 1440 diploma civil engineers every year.
“We diploma students are not sayings that these degree students don’t deserve this job. They are more qualified and really deserve it. But we are only in search for an answer: What is there for a diploma students, Show us the path?”



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