Netizens pin hope on Mufti led govt

Social media booming with expectations from PDP-BJP dispensation

SRINAGAR: With the Mufti Mohamad Syed taking oath on Sunday in Jammu, the starry eyed youth on social networking sites of Jammu Kashmir became abuzz with hopes and expectations from the combination.

The majority of the netizens reminded that the coalition to take the challenge of rehabilitation of wandering victims of last year unprecedented flood.

They pinned many hopes that the new government would take all the measures to mitigate the sufferings of the ravaged people and would reach the deserving lot early on. “It is the humanitarian duty of the new government to work first and foremost for us,” said Tabish, a flood victim of Solina. Scores of youth pitched for the need of the transparent mechanism in relief distribution so that same would reach to the deserving and not the other way round.

Meanwhile on social networking sites including facebook and twitter, netizens were discussing the latest developments, guessing the portfolio of the ministers  and the challenges new government has ahead in view of the recent union budget.

There are scores of youth who want the new government in Jammu and Kashmir to end the corruption at an earliest along with the serious measures to tackle the problems of unemployment. “For the last six years, we have been witnessing exploitation all around. The previous regime took no measure to end unemployment from the state- rather they multiplied it with nepotism dominating the scenes all across the state. It only ruined the future of youth,” said Junaid Ahmad, a university student. They were asking new government to take measure against corruption on Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party blueprints. There are many more challenges that are waiting for the new government to be headed by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and one among them is appointing the chairman and members of Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission in the state. One Kashmir Administration Services (KAS) aspirant, Suhail Ahmad Khadim wrote: “The Mufti led government in the state after assuming charge would have to start its job of finding an honest and upright officer who can be appointed as Chairman of JKPSC…otherwise already postponed exam will get more deferred.” Young students had consensus of hope that the new government will give them the mass promotion that administration has already rejected. The academic calendar has already extended gain been to 16 months. “Mr Government…the only help we need this time from you is that pass us,” wrote Umar Maqbool, a 9th class student in Kral Pora. Both the parties were in negotiations for more than two months on contentious issues before finally overcoming them on Sunday.


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