Traffic awareness program held at Indoor Stadium

Watch over your children: SSP Traffic to parents

Irfan rashid

Srinagar, March 07: A daylong event on traffic awareness ‘Traffic Today’ was held today at Indoor Stadium, here in Srinagar.

The focus of event was to make people understand the traffic rules and regulations.
The banners on the venue read ‘Drive Safe: We care for you’.

Scores of students from various schools participated in the event and presented many colorful performances on the occasion.
Speakers on the occasion requested Kashmiri youth not to do the bike stunts that they watch on television.
A teen girl, Toiba who sang a song on the occasion appealed to parents to educate their children about traffic rules.
One of the organizers of the event said: “Few days back children came to us and asked one simple question if we have red lights then why don’t we use them and act on them. These school children then advised us to punish those violators on the same lines as we punish students in schools; to make them stand in queues.”

People were asked to wear seat belts and helmets while driving four wheelers and two wheelers respectively. To begin the change, it must start from youth who should learn lesson from outside people who never refuse to follow traffic rules, speakers said.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Guest SSP city Traffic, Hasseb ur Rehman laid emphasis on the duties of parents in keeping vigil on their wards and talked about the ever-increasing traffic rush in city.”
“Everyday 1.5 lakh vehicles enter the city and equal number leave the city,” he said, adding last year nearly one lakh challans were registered that counts that every third person is a violator.
He stressed on all persons on the venue to take the message to other people also.
Haseeb accepted the mismanagement in the traffic department and said, “I accept corruption and mismanagement is present everywhere and so to some extend it is in our department also.”
The event was organized by Amir Yusuf, Altaf Bashir, Ishrat Rashid, Ashu and Faiz in association with Host Kashmir Production and Seven Events and was sponsored by Rising Kashmir, JK Bank, 92.7 Big FM, Bajaj alliance and others.

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