No Public traffic on Nowgam Road in evening hours

Residents continue to suffer, appeals to MLA Javid Mir

SRINAGAR: Despite commencing of spring season, public transport continues to disappear from Nowgam road soon after the sun goes behind the mountains serving no purpose to the commuters.
People, who remain away from their homes in connection with their work, find their return journey very difficult. They say that concerned authorities pay no attention to this problem and nobody from the department comes forward to look into the sufferings of the passengers.
“The transport department is so much out of order that no vehicles are there in the registered transport yards soon after the sun goes down. The transporters and the drivers create false dearth of vehicles so that they earn maximum by resorting to overload in the late hours,” said Suhail Khadim, who has to travel every evening from Lal Ded to Nowgam.
The late hours are ideal for the drivers to go for the overloading where passengers can be seen even on the roof top of the vehicles since nobody is going to ask them. It has put the lives of the people, travelling during late hours, to a great risk. This problem of non-availability of the passenger vehicles remains at its peak during the winter season since the days are shorter in this season. Given the huge rush of the passengers and the false dearth of the passenger vehicles as created by the transporters, compels thousands of people to travel on the roof tops of these vehicles.
“When people fail to find the vehicles at the bus stands, they are left with no choice but to jump on to the vehicle, doesn’t matter how packed it is. Late evening travelers like me take risk by climbing to the top of the vehicle to join the family members at home,” said Junaid Khan from Nowgam, who comes late from coaching classes in evening.
The concerned authorities are overlooking this serious issue and seem not to be interested in their job, alleged commuters.
This has encouraged the drivers to the extent that are ferrying the passengers against the load capacity of the vehicles and accidents in this kind of situation are imminent. People of the valley generally believe that the way the transporters are openly defying the laws, is concrete evidence that the problems faced by the passengers are created by the authorities themselves.
The people of the Nowgam appeal to the department to go for the early redressal of the problems faced by the commoners and in this regard have sought the personal intervention of local MLA Javid Mustafa Mir.


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