Waterlogging woes continue

Padshahi Bagh, Soiteng inundated since months, people stage protests

SRINAGAR: The residents of Padshahi Bagh Wednesday staged a protest against administration for failing to install dewatering pumps in the area. In the vicinity of the city, Inhabitants of Padshahi Bagh and Soiteng are facing immense inconvenience in absence of proper drainage system while the locality is waterlogged since the last many months.
Aggrieved locals said that concerned officials had assured locality of drainage system but not a penny was released for the project. They said the lanes and by-lanes in the locality remain waterlogged for most part of the year and particularly from last year flood. “For the past many years we have been moving from pillar to post to get the drainage system repaired. However our requests met with deaf ears. There are over 70 households in the Soiteng locality and the flooded streets have hampered our smooth movement,” said Mohammad Ayub, a local.
Now after schools are re-opened, people can be seen taking their kids on shoulders while wading through the ankle deep water. Another local, Zahoor Ahmad accused the authorities of failing to provide basic amenities in the area. “Our locality remains inundated with sewage water coming out of drains. Children and women are the worst sufferers. There is possibility of epidemic if immediate remedial measures are not taken,” said Zahoor Ahmad, a resident of Padshahi Bagh. Fed up of frequent waterlogging and related issues, some of the locals plan migration. “During summers, entire area is engulfed with pungent smell. We often shift our children and elderly to other areas to save them from water borne diseases. With authorities acting as mute spectators to the serious issue, we are left with no option but to migrate,” they said.
The locals said that continuous waterlogging has caused dampness in the houses. “There is every possibility that houses will collapse due to dampness,” locals said. “We make a fervent appeal to the concerned MLA Javid Mir to resolve the issue on priority. After that we will be forced to take to streets and launch an agitation,” they said.



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