Peer Bagh complains of waterlogging

Irfan Rashid
SRINAGAR: The residents of Jeelan Abad PeerBagh on Tuesday
complained of severe waterlogging in the locality making it very hard for them to move outside without getting lot of problems.
The residents said the people in these areas were facing immense
hardships and authorities have failed to mitigate their sufferings.
“We want to bring to the notice of state administration that we have
been suffering a lot due to waterlogging in the area. The drains are
blocked and water is creeping into the houses at many places,” the
residents said.
“Due to poor drainage system, water logging has become a nuisance for us. We have been restricted to the four walls of our house as we can’t step outside as the lanes and roads are inundated. We are facing
Immense hardships,” the inhabitants said.
The residents said due to waterlogging the roads have become potholed.
“Due to poor drainage systems water overflows the roads and inner
links which in turn leaves these roads dilapidated,” they said.
An official from SMC assured to dewater the lane tomorrow.


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