Salman Khan turned saviour for Kashmir family

Zaina Begum, 75, is a lost hope in the wilderness of Diyaroo Anantnag. Wearing a traditional cloak, she on Monday decided to try her decimated luck, not for herself but for her daughter.

Dilshaada, 40, is her daughter but is among one of those thousands of widows who had lost their husbands in this struggle. She has 4 children to raise that includes 3 daughters namely Rukaiya Jaan (15), Khalida Jaan (12) and Khushboo Jaan (10). Besides this, she has a ray of hope in her only teen age son Gowhar who is 18. But a place like kashmir whgere there are already more than 5 lakh unemployed educated youthwaiting their turn, Gowhar could have been one of the new entrants in the list.

It was 27th April, when Zaina decided to visit Pahalgam…not for picnic but for survival. A survival of her daughter and four grand children.

Bollywood philanthropic Dabangg Khan was busy shooting on sets when Zaina reached him and despite thousands of people waiting for Salman’s glance unsuccessfully, Zaina fought a battle with guards of Sallu Bhai which she won in the end. Salman called Zaina on sets and listened to her for nearly one hour.

A one hour means a more than lot for the Bollywood star. “Salman was listening very calmly as if a doctor listens to his patient,” said bliss zaina giving blessings to the bachelor.

Khan who is known for his charitable activities immediately asked the widow lady to send her eldest grandson, 18-year-old Gowhar Ahmad Bhat to work on the sets of the films so that he can earn some money to run his troubled family.

Salman told zaina, “Gowhar could be with the unit till the schedule in Kashmir ends after which he could fly down to Mumbai and work with him.”

This gesture surely moved Zaina and her family. “He is not an actor but a messiah for me who saved my family from hunger,” said Zaina.

The happiness Gowhar can not be measured this time as he never had thought in his distant memories tht one day he will work with Salman Khan in Bollywood.


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