Kashmir to get live IAS coaching from Delhi

One day seminar cum workshop on civil service preparation held in SKICC

Irfan Rashid

Srinagar: One day seminar cum workshop about civil service preparation was organized by Ascent group here in Skicc on Saturday.

This workshop cum seminar was attended by Governor NN Vohra, VC University of Kashmir Dr Andrabi, IAS Sunita Mukherjee, Professor Tariq Khan from Jamia Milia Islamia and IAS Mohd Shafi Pandit, founder of the group.

This Ascent group has been providing free civil service coaching since 2009 in our valley.

The theme of the event was ‘Yes I can Shape My destiny-Make civil service an achievable career goal’.

The primarily aim of the event was to hone already existing skills in our educated youth and to inspire them for opting civil service. Professor Tariq Khan put it as, “I have never seen more IQ level in youth than what i saw in people of valley after travelling 25 states.” Professor has been in business of coaching from last many years and this presently Deputy director Civil service coaching Jamia Milia islamia.

Speaking on the event, Founder of the Ascent group Mohd Shafi pandit talked about how destiny can be shaped by our hands. “It looks this seminar over the years has brought much needed sunshine in the valley but still Delhi is far away” he said. “It is the time when best brains should join civil service because it is germane to good governance.”

He emphasized upon hard work that constitutes major role in qualifying the exam and said: “we will start from this year live coaching from Delhi on new experimental trial and in this way experts can manage Delhi classes and simultaneously helping valley students.”

VC university of Kashmir Dr Andrabi citing example of Bihar who lack infrastructure and exposure like ours but still able to crack in huge numbers said:”Culturally we are very lazy…when we wear pheran then we learn to lean back with lot of laziness which is aggravated by lack of avenues, opportunities.” He added “call this pheran out and get to dedicated work”

Speaking on the occasion, Governor NN Vohra emphasized that youth should take interest in all services and not only civil service. “We have institutions of Management, technology…I’d not propagate everyone to join government as our state is expanding at phenomenal speed in private sector.” He added “I’d wish if KU law faculty can be turned into National Law school.”
Governor talking about PMSSS said: “our state is the only state with such package from the Centre where we get yearly 5000 scholarships to study our children in outside valley institution s in medical, engineering, law and many more courses.

Sumita Mukherjee who has been from Himachal batch 1972 is the first lady to become deputy commissioner there. She talked about a little girl sitting in audience back 50 years and her dreams to one day come on dice. “Success comes in small amounts like Bachan was rejected, Steve jobs was thrown out but what needs is that you listen to your inner voice and this little is myself.”

Shri Vijay Jha starting the workshop said: “why we fear to write is because we don’t write regularly.”
He emphasized upon three traits: Energy, execution and passion. “You need to be passionate like a Majoo for Laila.”

Dr Aabid Rashid, Ips turned Ias officer said: “your dreams need to be concretized and crystallized. Realize that just dreaming is not gonna to help you, hardwork is imperative for you.”

In the end, participants asked queries to the experts.


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