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Awareness camp on ‘Stress Management’ held at Nowhatta School



Aiming to help overcome daily stress faced by school-going girls, the Help Foundation in collaboration with Maryam Wellness Centre organized one-day awareness camp-cum -sensitization programme at Government Girls’ higher secondary school, Nowhatta today.
The themes of the programme were “Stress and its management—Role of teachers and parents” and “Factors influencing learning — the solutions”.
In her key note address Principal, Dr Mumtaz, said that it was important to do physical exercise for de-stressing in today’s stressful era.
The camp received an overwhelming response as hundreds of girl students attended, who were benefited by the interactions with various psychological counselors as resource persons. Speaking on the Theme-I, Shaista, Mental Health Counselor, said: “There are two types of stresses: one, positive and that is good and the other which is negative and therefore dangerous. You are quite young, but remember the stress increases with age.”
Stressing upon the need to develop good relationship with parents to overcome stress, she said: “We should share stress and other related experiences with our family and friends that helps a lot. And, as they say, sharing is caring.” She further emphasized on diet and exercise of stressed people and advised: “You should always take healthy meals…never skip meals…do a lot of meditation and nostril breathing.” Make diary for reading habits…don’t make studies stressful…observe nature…watch informative TV programmes…and don’t always stay alone.”
Later the students were divided into two groups for activities: one to share problems and the other for giving solution. Group A wanted to know how to overcome stress with rift between Mom and Dad relationship, to which Group B came up with this solution. “Hold sessions with each of the parents individually and counsel them like they counseled you when you were kids.”
To overcome stage fear and stress, few students were asked to come on stage and share their experiences and even some jokes. Continuing, Mr Muzammil Wagay, a professional social worker, spoke on Theme-II and said: “Learning is a process which is more crucial to every organism. It is a continuous process which goes on while we pursue our goals.” He talked about the ways that influence learning in students’ and said: “The factors can be personal like aptitude, emotional make-up or environmental like socialization, ecological set-up. We have to deal with the factors at separate levels to resolve the things that hamper our learning.” Concluding, Dr Muzaffar Khan, noted Psychiatrist asked certain questions to the students, for instance, “How many of you feel stressed, how many weep after stress, how many want to end their lives out of stress, how many over-eat or under-eat during stress?”

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