Villagers vow to develop Tosa Maidan for rural tourism



After government failed to develop lush green vast expense Tosa Maidan as a tourist destination, the local villagers Saturday pledged to develop the place on their own for rural tourism.
To gain a consensus of the villagers, Tosa Maidan Bachav Front (TBF) held a meeting in Drung Khag under the theme “The future strategy to develop Tossamaidan belt on the lines of Rural/village Tourism”.
TBF rejected recent statement of CM Mufti Syed wherein he had said Tosa Maidan would be connected to Yousmarg and Doodhpathri.
In a unique style for developing rural tourism, it was decided that two rooms of each house should be used to accommodate tourists instead of developing hotels.
 “As hotels have already polluted many beautiful hill stations in Valley, we will protect environment by not developing hotels,” observed the members in the meeting.
The TFB also vowed to develop Tosa Maidan for eco-tourism.
TBF has decided to train the local youth in hospitality, communication skills, personality development, tourist guide trainings etc so as to make stay of the visitors memorable.
TBF passed unanimously a joint resolution in which they asked government to declare the Tosa Maidan belt as independent rural tourism destination.
They asked government to connect Tosamaidan with Srinagar through proper road networks.
Dr Shaikh Ghulam Rasool, Chief patron TBF explained whole concept of Rural/village tourism to members.
“We are going to develop Tosamaidan belt as model tourist destination in J&K. It will be the first community driven initiative. Rural tourism is only guarantee to enhance the local economy and to ensure the protection of environment. We strongly demand Tosamaidan to be declared as an independent rural tourism destination.”
Nazir Ahmed Lone, Coordinator TBF said, “Rural tourism will be the best compensation of 60-years suffering of the localities and their daily living due to Firing Range.”
General Secretary Moulvi Maqbool talked about the compensation for the deaths in the past when the land was used as firing range. “Compensation must be paid to the kiths and kins of the people who died and those who are handicapped, disabled or impaired because of explosion of unexploded shells.”
Others who were present in the meeting were Mohammad Akram Vice chairman TBF, Ghulam Mohiuddin Organiser TBF and Manzoor Rather Co-organizer TBF.

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