Traffic officials cheer as crackdown on violators bear ‘positive’ results

Traffic Department collects Rs 21 lakh fine, say ‘bikers getting disciplined’



After a through clampdown on the violators, Traffic officials today said that Srinagar City was witnessing a positive change in their behavior.
Srinagar city is witnessing a visible improvement as far as traffic violations by two-wheeler riders who are trying best to return from their deviated habits were concerned, officials said.
Though it was a little effort but it became successful in stanching the defiance of two-wheeler riders. Road accidents in the valley are relatively assuming a grotesque dimension with as many as 892 people have died in road accidents in valley during last three years only.
Back two week, a person standing in Lal chowk could easily glimpse over hundreds of two-wheelers scurrying within a flash of time without helmet and having double pillion seating before any traffic cop could even think about checking their credentials.
But last two weeks witnessed a positive move by the new city traffic chief, SSP Maqsood-ul-Zaman that received applauds of the general public and particularly of parents.
“I was very happy by this drive against bikers. My nephew was also caught while my son was on his pillion seat. And that has given a lesson to my son also who would not dare now to ride without crash helmet,” said Inamul Bhat, a parent.
In past also, such drives have been carried out with the main motive always been to change aberrations of bike-riders but most of such drives end up on failure, and this remains a challenge for new traffic chief also not to make it a customary practice but result yielding step.
“Though it was a good drive but what remains to see is how far it will give results,” said a local journalist.
These bikes were booked according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and police has collected nearly Rs 21 lakh as total fine from the different types of violators so far in last two weeks.
A new result-oriented move has been taken by Traffic chief. Earlier bikes were challanned on the spot but rider was given his bike. This time 3500 bikes have been seized and this sends a strong wave deep inside the bikers, not to violate next time.
“We have seized more than 3,500 two-wheelers in the past 15 days and we have observed a difference. People do not have any other option, but to follow rules. Our aim is to implement road discipline and this is a permanent campaign,” Maqsood-ul-Zaman, City Traffic chief said.
The traffic department has found a novel way of curbing violators by seeking cooperation from petrol pump owners to deny fuel to motorcyclists not wearing crash helmets.
“If petrol pumps will not provide me any fuel, I am compelled to wear crash helmet but I know, they give fuel on seeing currency notes,” said Younis Bhat, a motorcyclist.
The need is to make this cooperation necessary for petrol pump owners.
“I am soon going in a meeting with district magistrate to discuss the issue and let’s see its legal implication before making any further move,” said City traffic Chief.
The general public has welcomed the step and particularly valley netizens have given positive feedback to the innovate drive.
 “It would help traffic to get streamlined and reduce mishaps and fatalities because mostly young drive without licenses,” reads status posted by Faisal.
But traffic authorities must look beyond the city and take its present hyper-drive to rural areas of the valley.

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