Ramadan revives City’s night life



Ramadan, the month of fasting, has revived the night life in some parts of the Srinagar city, as people organize Iftar parties and spend late evenings outside homes.
 “Although everyone among us isn’t on fasting but why we shall miss the night life, and miss this delicious food,” said Burhan and his friends, who study in a local private school.
While everyone is taking his share in night life, why should university alumni remain faraway? Many teachers could also be seen with their alumni students sharing tables in many food outlets and mostly in Kashmir Haat.
“It has been two years when we completed our university degrees, so we hardly get a chance to meet our favorite teacher, so we decided yesterday to have a get-together this evening with our lovely professor,” said alumni from Central University of Kashmir.
Conflict changed everything in Kashmir as night-life was missing and there was no concept of evening shopping.
 “But as the situation is changing slowly, we also want to enjoy having iftaar outside our houses. It also gives us a chance to spend some time with our friends,” said 27-year-old Umar Bhat.
This Ramadan trend of iftaar parties has picked up in the Valley with some food outlets offering exclusive arrangements for dinner. Some food outlets in the City have started hosting iftaar parties to make up for the lean business they witness during the daytime.
Restaurant owners are even happier with the rush.
 “I am happy with this trend. It has brought us a good business,” said Javaid Parsa, owner of Kathi Junction in Srinagar. “My food outlet is at exhibition grounds too, and we later started offering discount on iftar and take away orders at our kathi junction outlet,” he said, adding “I have extended my serving time from 8 to 10:30 pm so that people come and dine with us after prayers.”

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