Eid-ul-Fitr: Celebrate don’t show




Kashmir valley is celebrating Eid-ul-fitr today on Saturday with full religious fervor marking end of the holy month Ramadhan.
Talking to Rising Kashmir, people gave their opinions about celebrating Eid with austerity.
Junaid Rather, a journalism student at CUK, while focusing on sacrifices of our society and spending money on homeless, said:
“Eid is symbol of unity, brotherhood and sacrifice but over the years it has changed and has acquired a modern trend, as a civilized society we should not forget the sacrifices and even the last year September deluge, rather than spending a huge unnecessary money on things, we should spend some money out of those on those who are still homeless,” he said.
Mansoor Peer, a university student, while pointing toward abstaining from extravaganza in festivities, said: “The real message of the Eid is to reach out to weaker sections of the society,” he said.
 “It gives us message of sympathy, brotherhood, harmony and gaiety. Eid stresses on following the path of Allah and surrender before God’s will.”
“Let’s celebrate Eid with austerity and care for those who deserve charity and abstain from extravagance.”
Shahroz, a university student who has lost his house in last floods and was currently putting up in a rented accommodation in Chanapora, said
“We should celebrate Eid the way our Prophet (SAW) used to celebrate,” he said.
“We shouldn’t be un-Islamic while celebrating this festival,” said Haika Sajad, student at Government Women’s College, MA road. “While we celebrate festivities we should at least remember orphans or destitute,” she said.

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