JKAACL, KMC to organize shaam-e-ghazal



In its endeavor to revive cultural activities in the Kashmir valley and provide a platform for local young artists, Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art Culture and Languages in collaboration with Kashmir Music club is organizing a Shaami Gazal – Khusboo, musical event.
Dr Roshan Bharti, a doctorate in music and one of the best gazal singers of India after Jagjit singh will be the guest artist.
‘Shaami gazal khushboo’ is the joint initiative of Kashmir music club and Jammu and Kashmir academy of art culture and languages and equally supported by Minister of education, Nayeem Akhtar.
From one side the event will help the revival of Kashmir’s cultural activities which have been nearly struck due to government apathy.
“Our government has always been defunct in promoting our cultural activities, but now I hope after new look of JK academy of art culture and languages, things will start shaping better,” said Waheed Jeelani, a famous artist and chairman of Kashmir music club.
At the same time, this event will provide a platform to the young local artists to get promoted.  Some of the young faces to perform will include Shazia Bashir and Aqib Asad.
“Kashmiri artists are very highly talented but what lacks is the exposure and these kinds of events provide an exposure which must be conducted frequently,” suggested Waheed Jeelani.
Dr Roshan Bharti will be accompanied with a violin player and table player, Santoor will be played by locals only.
Waheed Jeelani termed the show as full family program and appealed one and all to attend in SKICC.
“In this way, outsiders will also take a good message about the talent of our artists to outside our state and this will help them surely,” claimed Jeelani.  Kashmir Music Club has been organizing many such events from last ten years including Sheeshrang.

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