Declare Tosa maidan as rural tourist destination: TBF

Activists stage protest in City



Continuing with its demand for declaring Tosa maidan as a Rural Tourist Destination, members of Tosa maidan Bachav Front and J&K RTI Movement today staged a peaceful massive protest in the Press Colony, Srinagar.
TBF has rejected recent proposal by Government to annex Tosa maidan with Doodpatheri.
They were chanting slogans,’Teri Jaan meri Jaan, Tosa maidan Tosa maidan’ and ‘Kashmir ki shaan Tosa maidan Tosa maidan’.
Dr. Sheikh Ghulam Rasool, Chairman J&K RTI Movement & Chief Patron, Tosa maidan Bachav Front said, “Declaring Tosa maidan as Rural Tourist destination will serve best Compensation to the Environmental degradation that has been caused by using Tosa maidan as firing range and the setback it has had on the Local Economy.”
The protesters demanded that Government must show the promptness in declaring Tosa maidan as an independent Rural Tourist destination and in Issuing De-notification order that Tosa maidan is no more a firing range.
They also demanded the establishment of “Tosa maidan Development Authority” and Speeding up construction of roads that lead to Tosa maidan.
“We demand compensation to families of victims that have been either killed or disabled in Tossamaidan, while it was being used as a firing range,” added Sheikh.
TBF and J&K RTI Movement have warned of further intensifying its protest if the demands were not accepted.
The demonstration which ended peacefully was also attended by local people from Tosa maidan who support idea of promoting Tosa maidan as Rural Tourism Destination.

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