SMC to stop ‘fast track building permission’ after its misuse



Keeping in view the mushrooming of violations in fast track building permissions, Srinagar Municipal Corporation is mulling to approach government to put an end to the facility.
After last year deluge, state government decided to provide hassle free permission for construction of residential houses with effect from 24 November 2014. For this applicant needed to visit front office of SMC facilitation centre with four copies of proposed building plan, copy of FIR, Affidavit, Photographs and proof of damage from the revenue department only.
Official sources told Rising Kashmir that this facility has turned sour now and people have begun misusing it with a free hand.
Rising Kashmir has been consistently raising these issues and recently published a report showing clear violation of this fast track building permission in Chanapora.
Talking to Rising Kashmir, Tufail Mattoo, Commissioner SMC asserted that he is taking up the issue with the government and requesting an end to it.
 “Majority of the people who wanted house have got a house, there is no need of keeping it open. Unfortunately what has happened is people have been misusing this right, left and centre. Someone encroaches upon government land, someone encroaches upon private land, and someone built 4 floors after one floor got damaged. This has been totally misused now,” said SMC chief.
He said that the last government had given a good facility to the flood victims of fast track permission.
 “Just to cut short everything, you had to produce 1 passport size photograph, 1 photo of existing structure which got damaged in flood, one affidavit and one drawing of what to want to build. This was a very good initiative by government but this has been misused, for me this is a daily routine. Every day we put in abeyance five to six buildings after we get reports about their violation.”
He said that the deadline can be given for this facility and after then only fresh online permission can be granted for which a person has to provide a revenue record and clearance from nearly nine departments.
“Then and only then this issue can be curtailed. Otherwise on date we all Kashmiri people who were hit by flood have become so much selfish that we annoy our neighbors by violation in building permission.”

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