Medical screening camp held at Nowhatta



After successfully conducting a mass mental health awareness programme at Government Higher Secondary School Nowhatta last month, Mariam Wellness Centre is further extending the support by holding series of medical screening camps beginning on Friday for the students and plans to establish a counselling cell at the school premises.
Mariam wellness centre, an NGO conducted a medical screening programme at Government Higher Secondary School Nowhatta on Friday. It is a mental health and rehabilitation centre working under the aegis of Help Foundation- J&K.
The programme has been undertaken as a part of long-term commitment towards addressing the diverse needs of students particularly health needs.
 “The basic idea of conducting medical screening for the students basically aims at assessing the primary health concerns of the student fraternity and efforts are being put at addressing the same,” said Muzammil, MWC member.
The screening mainly includes general medical check-ups and other need based specialized screening.
 “These camps will be undertaken in phases so as to ensure the target group is qualitatively assessed and follow-ups are taken at the same time,” he said.
In the first phase, 30 female students mainly from the adolescent age-group were screened and provided with necessary consultation by a team of experts mainly including Medical Officer, Counsellor, Social Worker and paramedics.
The students were examined in terms of general health conditions and the other complaints they presented, were sensitized about basic hygiene and awareness regarding importance of health in academics was also imparted to the concerned students.
While assessing the students, the primary indications mainly pointed among the adolescent age group particularly in females included Anaemia, Nutritional deficiencies, Fatigue & Pallor, Gastritis, Stress and Poor lifestyle.
The problems were addressed by providing the necessary consultation by the experts and medicines required for the same.
Emphasis was laid on improving the nutritional status of students and incorporating a healthy lifestyle.
 “Calcium and Iron supplements, Appetizers and Antibiotics were provided to the students and in relevant cases antacids were prescribed. Few students were even suggested to undergo certain medical investigations for better diagnosis.  It is being proposed to ensure follow-ups are taken up at the right time and more students are screened,” Muzammil said.

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