After cow essay episode, social media abuzz with ‘teacher’s’ poorly written application

Irfan Rashid


 After cow essay episode, a poorly written application allegedly by a general line teacher has been the hot topic on social media maligning further the image of teacher community.
Right from the Saturday morning, an application written by some Mudasir Akbar Sheikh, a general line teacher in Middle School Palmar, Kishtwar is circulating on Facebook and other socal media extensively.
The date on the application is 23 May 2015.
The said teacher has allegedly written it to the school headmaster requesting him to allow the applicant to teach in the local boys higher secondary school, citing his M.Sc botany degree from Barkatullah University.
Some  sentences used in e application are: “I beg of state”, “I bed also qualified”, I can attend that 12th class period,” and many others.
The application is counter signed by the school headmaster, and forwarded to CEO Kishtwar.
But surprisingly the word ‘Non sense’ has been written as “non-sence” by the headmaster, giving yet another twist to the whole epidsode.
The present controversy of holding screening tests for teachers is snowballing into a big confrontation between the state government.
Abdul Qayoom wani, President Jk Teachers’ Forum has termed this as the job of few propagandists to “blackmail teachers” through social media.
“As everyone knows this is a hot issue, someone has written this fake application. But this is a misinformation. I appeal civil society don’t circulate it as it may lead to class war. We would approach police station to register complaint against this,” he said.

After cow essay episode, social media abuzz with


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