‘Lessons to Unlearn’



 If teaching community do not properly use dust bins in their quarters, what can you expect student community do follow.
Reports received by Rising Kashmir says, the professors of University of Kashmir, staying in university quarters litter their sewage in their green compounds instead of allotted dust bins.
Few years back the university had requested Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) to install few dust bins in the campus. Perceiving more need of installing extra dust bins, this year university had bought few more dozens of dust bins but it seems they are going unused.
Varsity insiders say that most of the dust bins in professors’ quarters remain empty and litter is scattered in and around the green parks. This phenomenon is said to have catalysed dog presence in the campus.
The university allots residential quarters to professors inside the campus.
Zareef Ahmaf Zareef, poet and satirist termed this act of teaching community as most unfortunate thing and said: “If they themselves don’t have sense and manners how to keep their environment clean, what lesson they will teach. They draw salary in lakhs but don’t have civic sense of its fraction.”
Prof Musadiq Ameen, Registrar University of Kashmir, termed it as individual orientation and said: “We expect professors to use properly dust bins. But most of the times, it is their domestic maids who may have done this. But I will even tough talk to chief Procter about it”
He added: “Even SMC had given us many bins but this year we further bought 30 big dust bins.”



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