Demand will help reduce regional imbalance: Rashid

Protest over IIT, IIM, IIMC and AIIMS



 “If India gives IIT, IIM, IIMC and AIIMS to Kashmir, it will help reducing regional imbalance and will at least give a perception to Kashmir is that India has some regard for our say,” asserted MLA Langate Engineer Abdul Rashid on second day of sit-in.
Er Rashid began his 50-hour long sit-in on Monday 10 am in front of Civil Secretariat for seeking IIT, IIM , AIIMS and IIMC for Kashmir Valley.
“I believe this sit-in is snowballing into a movement.  We are getting a positive response from the people. Today SKIMS Non-gazetted employees association and Batamaloo trade association joined us,” claimed Rashid.
He said we are not begging from India but demanding our right. “We only say if you gave IIT, IIM, IIMC and AIIMS to in Jammu, why can’t you give same to Kashmir.”
Implicitly castigating the government for imprisoning people even if they have genuine demands, he said: “When we say ilm chu ghaash why government needs to send people to jails for this.”
He requested “resistance leaders” to shun indifferences and get united for Kashmir. “Today every parent wants my kids should get best education.”  “India does not believe Kashmir as its part, is the reason for discrimination. Now Delhi should think what it wants to do with Kashmir. Whether they want to get distant further or come closer.”
In a satirical manner, he quoted an idiom: “AIIMs was originally for here but has been diluted and divided. Jammu was already getting two institutions but dividing AIIMS is haathi ka batwaraa (dividing elephant).
He stressed government there is more need to open these institutions in Kashmir where for days national highway gets closed.
He warned government to accept the genuine demands otherwise they may intensify it after Indian Independence day. “Today government must have perceived Kashmiris are not coward. We have been here right through the night. Never before has anyone had a sit-in in front of secretariat. We will tonight also sit here. If government will not concede, then we may again protest after 15 august.”
He requested all political and non political groups to get united for this demand. The sit-in will end on Wednesday 12 noon.


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