City’s Pratap Park to get facelift



Pratap Park in summer capital Srinagar finally getting a facelift with Godfrey Philips India Ltd announcing to spend Rs One crore on beautification of damp bedded park.
This park failed to attract people for some time. Now the Pratap Park is all set to go through a phase of refurbishment.
The local implementing agency of the project is HELP foundation, an NGO. Reports say that the park infrastructure development will include installation of integrated seating, fencing, edge plantation, three big gates, paths, different trees and public laboratories.
Most cheering thing for students from vicinity institutions who spend their time near park fountains is that both the fountain plaza and umbrella gazebos will also be improved in its design.
The advanced thing in the project is installation of a sub-surface drainage system that will end all the water-logging problems that park faced till now.
HELP Foundation and Godfrey Phillips will reportedly work on the park for two to three years before handing it back to Floriculture department.
This year on 17 June, Altaf Bukhari, Minister of Floriculture had a meeting with members of Godfrey Philips India Ltd, headed by its Vice President, Hamarmjeet Singh and the Chairperson of Help Foundation (NGO), Nighat Shafi.
Director Floriculture, Sunil Mishri, said this is the project funded by Godfrey Philips India Ltd and implemented by Help Foundation (NGO) which involves landscaping of Pratap Park by redesigning it on modern lines and making it attractive with necessary facilities.
He said that all season plants would be planted in the Park, mostly those having dust absorbing character.  “The pedestrian movement on both the sides of the park would be made hassle free, the landmark identity and surroundings of the Park have been kept in mind, while designing its new landscape.”

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