Garbage heaps litter Charar-i- Sharief


Charari Sharief

Heaps of garbage litter the roads in Charar-i-Sharief posing grave health risk to the residents and the people who visit here to pay obeisance at the holy shrine.
In the absence of a garbage treatment facility, mounds of waste heap on the roads. The local residents have written to the Authorities over it, but there concerns have not been headed. Currently the garbage including the hospital waste is being dumped on the ground  on one of the sides of the shrine and nearby shopkeepers who operate there are a peeved lot.
The local Municipality staff collects the waste from 13 wards of the town and throws it into the ground adjoin the shrine. Local residents are bristling with rage and have even protested over this.
 “Tons of garbage is produced daily, which needs scientific treatment but Municipal staff  dumps garbage in the open in the absence of a proper disposal facility,” said a resident.
President Charari Sharief Traders Federation Farooq Ahmad Bhat said  in the absence of any garbage disposal facility in the town people are suffering “immensely’’.
“We had written six letters to Municipal Authorities but of no use. Then we approached Muslim Wakf Board and they also wrote to them and then Municipality began taking the garbage to Kakawring Nallah but R&B denied them permission and they started again dumping the waste here.”
 “Government had assured us that land would be identified for dumping garbage but the promises turned out to be hoax only as nothing was done in this regard,” Bhat said.
“Government has totally neglected this town. The stink from the garbage is nuisance for the people,” he added.
 Local residents accused government of not paying heed to the grave problem, stating that lack of proper disposal facilities has posed major health problems to residents.
 Executive Officer Municipal Committee Charar-i-Sharief, Mir Jaffar said, “We are preparing a detailed project report (DPR) under Swach Bharat Abhiyan to purchase land which will take at least take one month, then we can work for garbage dumping as the town will be transformed into a smart town”
Official sources said that there is no land available where garbage from the town can be dumped. “Authorities are helpless as there is no land available for dumping garbage,” an official in the Municipal Committee said.


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