NBT goes slow on Kashmiri, publishes only six titles



 Only six Kashmiri titles have been brought out by National Book Trust of India last year, says latest report by Ministry of Human Resources and Development.
From one side, government is all time taking pledges to develop Kashmiri language but the latest annual report 2014-15 released by Union ministry of human resources and development reveals the ground reality.
In total, 1519 titles have been brought out in 17 languages, with Hindi language leading the list. 753 titles have been brought in Hindi, followed by English at 399. Then, Urdu language at 84 and Marathi at 78. Kashmiri stands at 12th rank out of 17 languages along with Tamil, each with only six titles.
The titles have been divided into four divisions: original, translations, reprints and revised.
Total 123 original titles are published with the highest number of original titles in Hindi, 65; English, 31; Punjabi, 10 but Kashmiri only one title.
A total of 83 translations are published with highest 15 translations in Hindi, and 5 in Kashmiri.
A total of 1300 reprints have been published. In reprints category, Hindi has 666 titles, English has 365, and unfortunately there is not a single title reprinted in Kashmiri language.
Out of total 13 revised titles, 7 titles have been revised in Hindi. In English 3 have been revised but in Kashmiri, not a single has been revised.
The National Book Trust, India, an apex body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, is mandated by the Government of India to produce and encourage the publication of good books and to make them available at moderate prices to the public. The Trust is also mandated to arrange Book Fairs/Exhibitions and take all necessary steps to make the people book minded in the country. The NBT publishes books under 19 series.

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