Poor facilities hit work at Charar -i -Sharief Hospital



The Char-i-Sharief sub-district hospital (SDH) is facing shortage of basic amenities hitting the work badly at the hospital.
The SDH Charar-i-Sharief lacks basic facilities like digital X-ray, electrocardiograph (ECG), ultrasonography (USG), endoscopy and laparoscopic facilities. In the absence of facilities patients are forced to visit private clinics in Srinagar, 30 Kms away, to perform the required tests.
“It is herculean task to travel to Srinagar even for small medical tests,” said Tawsi, a local resident. Residents said that they are not able to get the tests in time due to which their ailments aggravate.
An elderly lady, Fatima rued that she has to travel to Srinagar even for the minor test of USG. She was diagnosed with ovarian cyst
Though the government had claimed to turn this town into a “satellite town” but the condition of the SDH is no better than a pimary health centre  (PHC), said a resident.
“ The USG machine present in the hospital is obsolete and serves and even after getting the test done here we ask patients also to get a test done in the private facility,” said a doctor wishing not to be named. “ The USG machine mostly remains out of order and even as it was repaired earlier, but still breaks down,” he added.
Around 20, 000 people of the town and many around the adjoining areas depend on the SDH for the treatment. The hospital has also shortage of manpower. An official said that among the doctors working there include a three specialist doctors, one physician and two surgeons, but they are unable to deliver due to the lack of equipments.
Dr Tariq is a lone physician specialist with a fellowship in endoscopy and was successful in establishing endoscopy unit in district hospital Pulwama. But the doctor has not been provided any such endoscopy equipments here by the authorities. Repeated pleas to the Auuthroties to get the medical facilities have not evoked any results.
A senior medico said, “If we have to work round the clock we need modern machines, like Automatic Analyser Machines (ANM) for bio-chemistry and hematology tests and 300 mm digital X Ray, 500 MA USG machines.”
Chief Medical Officer, Budgam, G M Dar said: “Recently Minister of state for health Asiya Naqash had visited the hospital and we have prepared the proposal and will turn the hospital into a modern facility.”
Charari Sharief MLA and Minister for Agriculture, Ghulam Nabi Hanjura, acknowledged the “lack of medical equipments” and said, “We have sent the proposal to the government highlighting what things are lacking there and I assure people of the area, all equipments will be available within two months.”



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