Drabu’s second visit fails to end 11 Day long NYC hunger strike



The “assurances” of the Finance Minister, Haseeb Drabu failed to end 11 day-long hunger strike of hundreds of National Youth Corps (NYC) members on Friday.
On Friday morning—even city vendors were yet to begin business—Drabu reached Pratap Park second time to these NYC members who were eagerly waiting for him hoping a good news. But the verbal assurance was not enough for these distressed NYC members to end their nearly two week long hunger strike.
President NYC, Asif Ali Bhat who is undergoing glucose dosing in Pratap Park, said: “Drabu asked us few days and I replied affirmative but added till then we will continue our hunger strike here.”
He added, we only want a “written” assurance from the ruling government and not “rhetoric and verbal assurances”.
These members include many females also whose health is said to be ailing because of hunger strike from first September.
“The government seems to hell bent on our lives and careers. I have a question for the government. Do they want first few of our members should die of hunger and then they will implement,” rued Falak Tawheed, who has double masters’ degree from Kashmir University.



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