Duped by private tour operator, allege Hajj aspirants



Scores of families protested against Bahrain Tour and Travels on Friday for duping them on promise of Hajj pilgrimage.
The total number of persons who have reportedly given the payment of Rs 3 lakh each to this tour and travel operator is nearly 67.
Irshad, whose parents had also applied for Hajj pilgrimage through this operator said,” earlier this operator assured us our flight will leave on 16 September but now he is telling us that there has been some problems with visa.”
“We fail to understand why government is shying away from arresting and acting against this man. Is it due to his high political contacts? How many officers are getting share for this money,” rued protesting Hajj aspirants.
They said, police arrested him in Shergari police station.
Amit Kumar, SSP Srinagar denied the man was arrested by the police and said, “He is working on collecting passes for these pilgrims as still there are few days left and if we arrest him then those Hajj aspirants would suffer.”

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