‘Mazaffar Shah Replies to Dulat’



The legal counsellor of Omar government had although supported our plea in Supreme Court to defer elections last year but actually had not enough courage to stand, said Muzaffar Shah, senior vice president Awami National Conference (ANC) on Friday.
He asked all the political parties to call an emergency session of legislative assembly “before the beef ban divides plural society of Kashmir” and repeal such sections in RPC which ban beef.
On Friday he released one booklet “Mazaffar Shah Replies to Dulat” at his party headquarters Lal Chowk and termed as a “bundle of lies”.
He said, “It’s answer should have been given by someone else but since it also talks about me, my mother, my grandfather and whole Kashmir…and sheikh sahib and shah sahib are not in this world to reply, so I thought I must reply it through literature as every leader of Kashmir has been targeted.”
He wished Dulat should have named those “wazeefa” leaders.
He claimed to have discussed many topics in this small booklet.
About elections in 1986, he said to have written, “How Arun Nehru (Politician) approached them to make coalition with Congress but we rejected that.”
“I met NSA Brijesh Mishra for intra Kashmir region summit where 90 people had applied but he replied us that if we pass any resolution it should be in accordance with Government of India. But we rejected that.”
About imprisonment of Sheikh Abdullah in 1953, he claimed to have written, “Sheikh sahab’s case was later taken back by Indian government when Prosecution chief JP Mittal resigned citing lacking any concrete evidence.”



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