Intake capacity, conditions in Pahari Hostels likely to be improved



Newly appointed Vice Chairman, State Advisory Board for Development of Pahari, Kuldeep Raj Gupta, today stressed upon development of Pahari speaking people of the State.
He projected for the revival of “Pahari hostels” in the State and emphasized upon improvement of conditions of the hostels regarding infrastructure and administration.
“There is a dire need for increasing the intake capacity of the hostels as the population has increased with great momentum in the last ten years,” he said while speaking at a press conference at his office in Lal Chowk.
He appealed the chairman of the board to increase the number of hostels along all nooks and corners of the State and also to increase the sanctioned budget for the day-to-day working of the hostels.
“It was a sad experience during my visit to Anantnag where the things were so random that I decided this is the high time to streamline the things. I cautioned all the officials and employees to change the mode of working and do their job honestly, with dedication and sincerity.”
Gupta further claimed that these hostels shall work as the “store house of change” and the students must inculcate the characteristics of honesty, sincerity, love and passion for the society.
Government of Jammu and Kashmir constituted State Advisory Board for the development of Pahari speaking people in the year 1989 in light of Cabinet decision No:227 dated 20-10-1989 read with Government order NO:1439-GAD of 1989 dated 26-10-1989 with the Chief Minister of the State as Chairman of the Board and the Vice-Chairman having MOS status who is being nominated by the Chief Minister from amongst the members of the Pahari community.

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