Hindi Divas: DD official teaches guest speaker a lesson, ‘manhandles’



Chief Editor of local Hindi newspaper ‘Vitasta Times’ accused Programme Executive Doordarshan ML Sadhu of misbehaving and manhandling him on Sunday after invited him to speak on Hindi Divas programme.
As the 14 September is celebrated as ‘Hindi Divas’,  Ghulam Muhammad Bathkaloo, Chief Editor, Vitasta Times, a Hindi language newspaper, had gone to Doordarshan on Sunday morning at 11 am to record his programme when security guards didn’t allow him to enter the premises.
“The security personal replied there is not my name on register.  I then made a phone call to ML Sadhu and he asked to wait till 1:30 pm. How come he can make an old man to wait such a long time,” he rued.
“When I entered his room, he threw my newspaper on floor and abused me and my paper for calling him again and again on phone,” he alleged.
But the chief Editor admitted he also abused ML Sadhu intern. “I abused him also when he replied I will cancel your program.” As part of ‘Hindi Divas’, recently he was aired on a radio program with famous host Abdaal Mehjoor.
He has also written a book “Katha kaar agey aur Quratulayn Haider ek taqabelei mutalah (A comparative study of Quratul Ayn Haidar).
ML Sadhu, Program Executive replied, “when he made a call to me before security personnel, he forgot to cut the call and I could listen clearly what he was saying about me. He was using un-parliamentary language.

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