‘Shrouded Paradise’ screened at EMMRC



Kashmir is prone to get devastating floods in future if government doesn’t take a cue from the September 2014 floods, noted professor of Earth Sciences said.
Head Department of Earth Sciences, University of Kashmir, Prof Shakeel Romshoo appealed state government to buy new flood predicting technology called ‘FEWS’ (flood early warning system) which costs nearly Rs six crore.
“I don’t know why government has not bought it yet. What they are waiting for. It would again take them one more year to install after purchasing. One year has passed but still there has been no introspection. Even there has been no study conducted yet by the state to learn how to save from such disaster.”
He was speaking after screening of a documentary ‘Shrouded Paradise’ at EMMRC auditorium, Kashmir University. This was a 53 minutes film directed and edited by noted Film Maker, Jalal Ud Din Baba.
The documentary is based on Kashmir Flood 2014 demonstrating the catastrophe through three main elderly protagonists from different religions.
 “Film stands for communal harmony, brotherhood and human cause practiced by majority of stakeholders in Kashmir through the hallmark of kashmiriyat which was evident during those agonizing days of destruction and chaos,” said Jalal Ud Din baba.
Abdul Rashid Farash, a Muslim; Motilal Dhar, a Hindu and Harbhajan Singh, a Sikh narrates their individualistic sufferings with great shrill in this film. It shows how all the three persons lost their everything. It also narrates story of Sagar Panditha, a 10-year-old kid who shows his muddy books and castigates government for not helping.
The film also depicts innumerable acts of compassion by the volunteers inculcating the real crux of human endurance. At times the camera is right in midst of action, following rescuers, makeshift boats and volunteers as they deal with the killing waters.
The film is how it folded and what a single man scenario from ground zero can do without any external help or technical support which in those days was impossible and distant.

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