School in Ang ‘harasses’ students after parents form association, ask for payment receipts



The Radiant Public School Anantnag allegedly harassed students whose parents recently formed a ‘Parent Association’ and have as per some parents deleted names of 15 students from its computer database.
The Radiant Public School Parents Association was formed three months back under the patronage of ‘Parents Association of Privately Administered Schools’ (PAPAS), says Mohsin Goni, Chairman PAPAS.
It may be noted that SRO-123 which was formed in 2010 makes it mandatory for the schools to form a parents association but “the said school does not adheres to it”.
The reason of confrontation between school authority and parents association is said to have began when parents asked the authorities to provide them receipt against picnic fee and “school denied”, and “instead accused students of  creating indiscipline”.
The evidence with Rising Kashmir reveals that school authority wrote a reply on notebook of a class 3rd student, Sheikh Zainab that reads, “You are hereby informed that your ward namely Sheikh Zainab of class 3rd is creating indiscipline in the bus and is not behaving properly with the bus scout and bus in-charge. Please advise her otherwise the transport facility will be cancelled to your ward. Picnic fee has been refunded to your ward.  Please check it (sic).”
“When I read the note on notebook of my kid, I was shocked. We, parents, had only asked for receipt because we have to mention  those receipts in our income returns. But school took it otherwise and returned my kid’s picnic fee and accused this little kid of creating indiscipline,” said Sheikh Mehboob, father of the student.
Parents alleged the school would take Rs 100 from 3500 students amounting to lakhs of rupees and then “ they would not go to picnic.”
The parents alleged the school puts their kids to inconvenience “as they have only 16 buses for 3,500 students, so buses bring students in three shifts with first shift as early as 7 am” against all government norms.
The school is said to have failed allegedly to implement High court directions for not adjusting fees of September and October 2014.
There is no medical aid provided in case of any emergency, said parents.
On July 25, a meeting was convened by school authorities with parents where latter were assured of resolving all problems.
 “But nothing has been resolved toll date,” they said.
“Even DC Anantnag convened a meeting on 21 of August but nothing came out from this meeting also,” said parents.
The parents have now requested Education Minister to intervene and resolve grievances of parents as well as students of the school.
Sajad Gadoo, Chairman RP School termed these allegations as baseless.
He said: “The parents who had approached you are only a dozen in number and we don’t recognize their association. We already have a parents’ body with more than 2,000 parents there.”
He clarified the school has 40 school buses which are used to carry students in a single shift.

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