Cakes for every occasion

Srinagar girl bakes mouthwatering cakes
Cakes for every occasion



Ever thought of having a beautifully designed cake on different themes! Meet Saina and she will design a cake which you would not have bought from Valley’s bakery shops.
After completing her education in Delhi, Sania Lone, 25, preferred to fly back to Valley to introduce innovative method of baking cakes.
From childhood, Sania was inspired by the baking skills of her mother but little did she know, that she will turn inherit culinary skills and become among the few pastry chefs of Kashmir.
After her BBA from Amity University Delhi, instead of pursuing post-graduation and landing up in unemployed club, she pursued a short training to polish her baking skills.
 “I was always interested in baking and cooking but I wanted to give it a professional touch,” says Sania.
In Valley, the number of female cake chefs could be counted on finger tips and Sania is now among the few girls who have turned the baking into a fulltime business.
“I have passion of making cakes. In Delhi I was doing good and there I had a good scope but I thought to do it in Kashmir and introduce new varieties of cakes,” says Sania.
Nowadays, Sania is pretty busy in registering orders for the designed cakes.
“I am hopeful, I would get scores of orders ahead Eid.”
To curtail the monotony in traditional Kashmiri cakes, she has added some new varieties of cakes in Kashmir.
 “I also make lace cakes, cup cakes of different designs. This is something which is totally new in Kashmir,” says Sania.
She is currently managing all the baking from her home kitchen. “I am planning to open a café in Kashmir where all these varieties will be served.”
Sania remembers the response she received for her first order.  “After coming back from Delhi, I knew it’s not going to be easy in Kashmir but the responses I got from people are overwhelming. When I baked the first cake on order I was nervous whether they would like it or not, but they appreciated it and next day from the same family I got orders for more cakes” says Sania.
To become successful in any profession, family support plays a vital role and Sania has been lucky for getting family support.
“My mother has been encouraging my idea to take baking as a fulltime career.”
Sania had initially baked the cakes for her friends and relatives on their birthdays and weddings to satisfy her passion.
“I have my facebook page, some like it sweet, where I have more than 1100 likes in last three months. The idea is really working well, I think there is a big hand of young women in Kashmir to make it a developed place, the women can do great in every field if they are appreciated,” says Sania.
Usually her orders cost Rs 1500. She bakes chocolate cake, truffle, German cake, fresh fruit, cheese cakes, cup cakes, home-made cookies.
“When I buy things from market, I am very choosy about it. I like to make most of these ingredients at home. Some things are not available in Kashmir so I order them from Delhi,” said Sania.
Being in the beginning of her career, Sania does not want to over burden herself with lot of order and no to compromise with quality.
“I take feedback from people and improve every other day. This is the start for me and I know the quality work pays at the end so I don’t want to over burden myself.”
With young women choosing different careers in Kashmir, it is definitely going to be a new start for youth to pursue their dreams.

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