‘Visionary’ Tak Zainagiri remembered

Irfan rashid


 Kashmir Concern Foundation celebrated “Tak Zainagiri” day at Amira Kadal higher secondary school on Wednesday.
Scores of intellectuals were present on the occasion including scholars, poets, journalists and students.
Naeem Kashmiri, a famous writer, was conferred Tak Zainagiri Memorial Award for his Kashmiri book Guloow Kathea Buezwe.
Justice (R) Bashir Ahmad Kirmani was guest of honour on the occasion. He shared his experience how he first time met Tak Zainagiri in 1976 when he was working as lawyer in north Kashmir.
“Tak sahib came to me and asked to become president of Handwara unit of Yateem trust,” said Kirmani.
 Kirmani shared how he helped Zainagiri to get remaining funds from the government when government had issued one lakh rupees for the trust but handed over only Rs 20, 000 as cash. “I asked Zainagiri to file a case in court where I was judge.”
He said Zainagiri was the forefather of Yateem trust culture in Kashmir “resulting in yateem trusts in every street of valley”.
He shared how one single Hadith transformed life of Zainagiri and made him visionary social worker. “The hadith of prophet SAW where he says ‘Whoever caresses the head of an orphan (in affection), solely for the sake of Allah, a good deed will be written to his account for every hair over which he passed his hand, and whoever treated an orphan with goodness and kindness, he and I will be close to each other in Heaven as these two fingers’ made him leader of yateem trusts here.”
Editor-in-chief Rising Kashmir newspaper, Dr Shujaat Bukhari was chief guest on the occasion. He termed Tak Zainagiri as visionary “who began such institutes for orphans at that time when the concept was not in anyone’s mind.”
“It was Zainagiri who laid foundation of JK Yateem Trust and due to his efforts now Kashmir has got orphanage in every village,” Bukhari said.
He asked Kashmiris to shun attitude of “self-praise” and instead should introspect. “We should identify our shortcomings and try to overcome them. We have to change ourselves and should not wait for any institution. We must begin change from self, then family…to make corruption free society.”
Aijaz Ahmad Kakroo appealed to the people of the valley to work for welfare of “yateems” and quoted Hadith of prophet SAW where he adopts a yateem on way to Eidgah.
Founder, Kashmir Concern Foundation, Advocate AR Hanjura explained why he prefers schools as a venue for such events. “We want these little students to know about our legends, so that tomorrow they may not say who these people were.”
He also distributed many copies of his book Bachan Hind Bainul Aqwami Hokook free of cost to the school.
This event was organized by Kashmir Concern Foundation in collaboration with Amira Kadal Higher Secondary, Radio Kashmir and JK Cultural Academy.

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