Prices of essential commodities skyrocket on Eid



Srinagar: Despite government issuing fixed rate list for chicken and mutton on Eid, however consumers have accused shoppers of floating the norms.
According to a delegation of consumers the norms are being floated in every nook and corner of the valley—especially in Srinagar.
There has been exorbitant price rise in last three days across valley ahead of Eid-ul-Adha and authorities are watching as mere spectators.
As the demand for mutton and chicken surges across the valley on the eve of Eid, sellers take consumers on a ride and throw fixed rates to the wind in broad day light.
The Consumer Affairs and Distribution Department (CAPD) who is responsible to keep check and vigilance over the price rise has allegedly failed to perform its duty.
Overnight the prices of mutton and chicken has increased by 20 percent as Eid-ul-Adha is on Friday which is affecting common man badly.
The government had fixed the rate for mutton as Rs.360 per Kilogram and Chicken as Rs.90 per kilogram. But reports say that the mutton across the city is being sold at Rs.400-420 and chicken at Rs. 120 -130per Kilogram.
The consumers from different areas of Srinagar city including Gojwara, Hawal, Khanyar, Soura, Eidgah and Habbakadal complained that the butchers were not following the government set rates.
An official from CAPD said that the lack of the support from police and other law enforcing teams was responsible for the violation to government rates.

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