NYC president wears shroud as hunger strike continues




After remaining hungry on Eid-Ul-Adha, National youth Corps began wearing white shrouds on Monday as a mark to declare “We won’t budge from here till we are dead or get assurance”.
Asif Ali Bhat, state president NYC wore a white shroud and lied on a cot (char pay) with white sheet of clothe on his whole body as if he is dead. Presently, only the NYC president wore the white attire and other members would follow in coming days.
Earlier, on first day of Eid, a huge congregation prayer was led by Tawkeer in the Pratap Park following which 20 members were hospitalized including the Imam. The non-Muslim members also took part in the prayers by remaining in the last lines and listening attentively to the sermon
The females had also joined them on Eid along with their parents.
Asif Ali, state president NYC threatened to give different mode to the hunger strike in coming days if the decision is not taken soon. “We are eagerly waiting for the cabinet meeting and hope to get positive decision.”

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