Police goes ‘easy’ on culprits after woman loses fetus to ‘beating’

Police goes ‘easy’ on culprits after woman loses fetus to ‘beating’

Irfan Rashid


Despite passing of 15 days after Naseema was allegedly thrashed by her neighbors leading to abortion of her child, Police seems to be in no mood of arresting the culprits and instead has allegedly asked the family of victim to deliberate with the “guilty”.
 “Police repeatedly ordered us to make a deliberation with the culprits otherwise we would also be charged with a counter FIR on charges of fighting them back,” said Naseema, with tears rolling down her eyes.
 She further alleged that police asked her family to send them a vehicle or provide hard cash to visit her home (place of incidence), which falls in Jabead area of Branwar Chadoora,  so that they can take statement of eyewitnesses there.
It was evening of September 15, when Naseema was searching her horse and her neighbors Sona Chopan, his brother Ghulam Mohammad Chopan, his two sons Gul Chopan and Rashid Chopan allegedly entered her house premises.
They told her that her horse grazed a huge portion of maize in their field.  Finding Naseema alone there, four men allegedly began beating her causing injuries to her.
Hearing Naseema’a shrieks, her niece Mymoona came out and dialed phone to Ramzan, husband of Naseema.
 As is the  routine in hospitals “first get the case registered in police”, Ramzan went to Police Station Chadoora at 10 pm and filed a complaint. “Then one policeman accompanied us to the hospital and treatment began,” Ramzan told Rising Kashmir.
 Seeing her aggravating condition, she was referred to Lal Dad hospital under MRD number 18870.
 Soon doctor revealed the bad news of abortion of Naseema’s three month old baby due to massive blood loss on the spot. The C/C surgical procedure was done at 11:15 pm, reads discharge summary.
Next day, on September 16, when the grief-stricken family was still in LD Hospital, they received a call from Police Station Chadoora. To their utter shock, investigating Officer Abdul Jabbar and Munshi Ghulam Muhammad Mir asked them to reach the Police Station on the same day and settle the score with the culprits.
 It may be noted, no FIR was registered untill September 18.
 Only after family decided going  to SP Office Budgam, FIR vide no. 169/2015 was registered under section 341, 323 and 353B RPC on September 18.
 Allegedly receiving constant threats from police to deliberate the issue with culprits and seeing there were no arrests being made, the family of victim reached SP Office Budgam on September 22.
 SP writes a note to SHO Chadoora, which reads: “In light of the contents of the application, kindly see the matter personally as to why an action as warranted under law was not initiated against the accused.”
 But the victims never knew, they would get one more thrashing of words—this time from SHO Chadoora for approaching the SP Office.
Naseema said, “SHO rebuked us for approaching SP.”
 The family of victim accused Chadoora police of taking bribe from the “rich” culprits for allowing them space to evade.
 Station House Officer, Chadoora, Rouf Ahmad said, “Those accused had escaped to forest area that is why we could not arrest them. I am today again sending a police party there.”
 Superintendent of Police, Budgam, Fayaz Lone said: “I talked to SHO, the accused were absconding. Police has searched many places and now tracking them through mobile phones. We will get them.”
 About allegations against Chadoora Police, he replied, “There is a new SHO now, maybe it was true in case of previous officer.”

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