Locals extend help to reconstruct Hindu shrine in South Kashmir

Show of Communal Harmony



The Muslim community in Khrew in South Kashmir is helping in reconstruction of a Hindu temple in Khrew area of south Kashmir, showing solidarity with their Pandit brethren.
Badri Nath Bhatt, a devotee of Mata Jawala Ji, is busy in constructing a new shrine after old one was gutted in a fire nine months ago in Khrew.
Muslims were seen carrying material and machinery on their horses on a difficult terrain where temple is being re-built.
The scene of carrying mixer to the hilltop in Khrew which took three days was worth watching, said locals.
Local people are being appreciated for also providing moral support to re-construct this Hindu temple in south Kashmir.
Bhatt hails from a nearby village Zewan who took the onus on himself and started reconstruction of the shrine from his own resources and with active support of local ‘karsevaks’ led by a social activist Ravi Ji Bhatt of Ladhoo.
“When government made no effort to restore the pristine glory of the shrine in these months, I took a decision as a devotee to begin the noble work,” said BN Bhatt.
BN Bhatt was equally supported by a local contractor Bashir Ahmad Chopan who has executed an agreement to complete the work in stipulated time before the onset of winter.
Bashir has instructed his ‘Muslim’ laborers to accomplish this noble cause as they have to carry heavy material from ground to hilltop on difficult terrain.
A team of architects from Delhi headed by Ravi Bhat of Khrew are providing their valuable technical guidance.
“My prayers for last 20 years have at last borne fruit and I have been given an opportunity to reconstruct this shrine,” says Badri Nath with tears of devotion.
It is worth mentioning here that this devotee has been conducting yearly hawan on the day of ‘sacred’ Har Chodah every year during the past 25 years here.
Ravi Ji Bhat of Village Ladhoo beaming with confidence assured that most of the work of temple would be completed before the onset of winter.
He appreciated the role of local people in providing moral and other support and appealed the government to strengthen this noble cause of preservation of Kashmiri heritage in the Valley.

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